How Many Public Schools Are There in Hamilton County, Indiana?

The School Board of Trustees recently released a statement expressing their support for a mental health grant that will benefit students and staff at Hamilton Southeastern (HSE) Schools. The district has also welcomed Stephane Bordelon as the new principal of Lantern Road Elementary School and Andre Miksha as the representative on the HEPL Board. In addition, HSE Schools have implemented an e-learning day, which is a day of instruction approved by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) that can be used to recover instructional time through the use of technology. This day will be used during the days dedicated to staff professional development.

The IREAD-3 evaluation was given to 1,545 third-grade students from the district's 13 elementary schools. Meanwhile, Johnson, a former Fishers police officer who oversees the school resource officer unit, is ready to promote safety measures for the more than 21,000 students at Hamilton Southeastern schools. Hamilton Southeastern Schools is committed to providing excellence in education and opportunities to ensure the success of each and every student. The district also has a statement of non-discrimination and no harassment, as well as information on compliance with titles IX, VI and VII of the ADA.

Recently, the Southeastern Hamilton School Board of Trustees approved a new partnership with the Pursuit Institute, formerly known as the Hamilton County Career Achievement Center.