What Are the Counties That Border Hamilton County, Indiana?

District 3 of Hamilton County, Indiana, consists of Adams Township, Fall Creek Township, Jackson Township, Washington Township, Wayne Township, and White River Township, as well as the towns of Arcadia and Atlanta. To get a better understanding of the county's geography, you can visit the Hamilton County Overview Viewer for an interactive map. Alternatively, you can view or download a PDF map of the county. Since the early 21st century, Hamilton County has been the second most populous county in central Indiana.

During World War I, Hamilton County was labeled as the most anti-German county in Indiana. However, this was not necessarily unique to Hamilton County; similar attitudes were common throughout Indiana. Despite this, Hamilton County was a hotbed of interventionist and pro-British sentiments. This was likely due to the fact that most people in Hamilton County were in favor of the United States entering the war and providing Britain with as much aid as possible.